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Christmas in Strasbourg (still must sort this page out) pictures ...... thumbnails

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The Walbridges' UK trip 2017 pictures ...... thumbnails

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Yosemite and San Diego pictures ...... thumbnails
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Photos of a photography exhibition!

Pictures at an Exhibition


This is really just a photograph album for absent friends and family - but visitors are always welcome. However, if you are new to the site you will have to bear with me because I have not explained much about the pictures - the people they are primarily aimed at will know what they are about and why! Oh, and it is a bit self-indulgent in places.

Incidentally, (most of) the original photos are quite good and clear although occasionally I have sacrificed quality for interest!

©All photographs are copyright - but if you want a really nice high-quality photographically-produced print (apart from the old digital camera ones), I would be delighted to send you one (and at a very reasonable price.) Just e-mail me.


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19 June 2011

Westminster Cathedral 2012

A great cathedral

Snow (and ice) on Pen y Fan 2016

Snow 2013


Two Sans 2015

Cardiff Harbour Festival 2012


Cold too - and our flights were cancelled

Snow in Cardiff 2010

Early Spring 2012

Warm with bare trees

The Beacons Way

Zambia 2010

Friendly people

Balkans or 36 years.......Balkans or Bust - the story on the bus.......Balkans or Bust