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This section is somewhere to put some very old photos before they get lost or decay into dust. Some in fact have already started to do this and have quite a lot of scratches and stains. I have not though undertaken much 'restoration' and so in some cases the quality is not brilliant. I have also not edited them as carefully as usual because some of the outtakes are as interesting as, maybe more interesting than, the 'good' shots.

And much thanks to the authors of Web Album Generator who have provided a quick way to generate the html to present these.

©All photographs are copyright - copies are available on request. Just e-mail me.


The Pictures

School skiing trip 1963-64 click here>
A tour of Wales in 1969 click here>
School skiing trip 1965 click here>
Fair at Earlsdon 1972 click here>
School skiing trip 1969 click here>
A party in about 1973 click here>
School skiing trip 1970 click here>
Barry and Cold Knap - May 1982 click here>
Roath Mill Gardens - September 1982 click here>