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©As ever, all photographs are copyright - but if you want a really nice high-quality photographically-produced print (apart from the old digital camera ones), I would be delighted to send you one (and at a very reasonable price.) Just e-mail me. J


19 June 2011

Roma 2011

Hot - but bearable!


Vegas 2010

A birthday in Bath 2011

It was a very short trip so just a few odd snaps, really



I wanted to try something different so I thought 
I would go for shots of people

Virgina 2008 - arty shots

San Diego 2009


This series first appeared in the archive because the pictures were so old when I put them up.  But I think they are rather good and well worth the wait !!!

Santiago de
Compostela 2003

(well just before - Advent in Vienna really

Christmas 2002 in Vienna

The Pacific Tour 2005 and a bit of a pilgrimage through some Steinbeck country

a really amazing place - the decay of the former 'Ost' in transition to the bright colours we know of Germany

Our holiday in Quedlinburg 2000

Portpatrick et al 2001

Brugge 2001

Lots of chocolates and lace - you know the place

I ought to have put some cyrillic characters in here - but have not worked out how to do it

St Petersburg 1998

Didn't see Dracula that week - must have been on holiday

The trip to Whitby 2001

Bernay 2001

oo la la - le chapeau !