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Although this section is called 'The Rest' it is really the main archive - everything other than that which falls into a specific section!

©All photographs are copyright - but if you want a really nice high-quality photographically-produced print (apart from the old digital camera ones), I would be delighted to send you one (and at a very reasonable price.) Just e-mail me.



Snow - March 2018

A few days in Guernsey - Apr 2018

Buckingham Palace - May 2018

Nostalgia (2) Warwick - October 2017

Beacons snow - December 2017

Wester Ross - Sept 2017

Strasbourg - Xmas 2017

Nostalgia (1) Sanderstead - August 2016


Tintern - Autumn 2014

Newport Wetlands - Sept 2015

Photos of a photography exhibition!

Pictures at an Exhibition - Feb 2016

Drama at Flat Holm - Aug 2016


Snow - Nov 2013

Warm with bare trees

Early Spring 2012

A great cathedral

Westminster Cathedral - April 2012

Cardiff Harbour Festival - Sept 2012


Cold and beautiful

Snow - Feb 2009

Cold too - and our flights were cancelled

Snow in Cardiff- Dec 2010

The Tintern Series - late 1970s

somewhere special - even the children thought this (eventually)

pictures of flowers

Bluebells and things 2002

Just a few odds and s**s

A miscellany

These were put up ages ago - golly how time flies

Cecily's cards

Some garden flowers 2003

just a few snaps from the garden when it was tidy!

bonding and all that

A mother and her daughter


The Oak series 2002

The St Helens connection

sounds a bit like the Mafia

No, the dog is Bonny

Catherine's corner

It's quite different now in 2006

The new front garden

just a few pics I found lurking in the corners of the webspace

A new miscellany

Hi - Jennifer!

Hasn't she changed